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We know that narrative is the most powerful form of communication, and thus a critical leadership tool. But we also know that effective storytelling for leaders is easier discussed than achieved. 

Former White House speechwriter and General Electric exec comms chief Eric Schnure will take you from intention to execution.

In a highly interactive all-day workshop, you will learn by doing:

  • Exactly why stories resonate with audiences—and how to convince reluctant leaders that not using story isn’t only unwise, it’s management malpractice.
  • What makes a good leadership story? We’re not just spinning yarns here, we’re communicating for a purpose. Learn what kinds of stories executives and organizations should tell—and in what style. (And, how to turn an interesting personal anecdote into an inspiring leadership story.)
  • How to capture stories that will not only humanize your leaders, but help them lead more effectively.
  • Journalistic and narrative storytelling: What’s the difference, and why it matters.
  • Hollywood storytelling techniques that work for organizations and sales storytelling techniques that work in speeches.
  • The difference between manipulating and motivating: How to rebut speakers and other colleagues who argue against using story in speeches.
  • Different strategies demand different stories: You’ll learn how to use stories to sell ideas, to set strategic context, to build community and to inspire people to action.
  • The structure and elements of stories. You’ll emerge from this workshop not just knowing how to build compelling stories, but having done it with your own hands.

Storytelling for leaders is easier said than done. You’ll learn how to do it—with even the most reluctant leaders of even the most resistant organizations—in this great day.

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Meet Eric Schnure

For 25 years, former White House speechwriter Eric Schnure has counseled leading executives and organizations like Google, UPS, HP, Hearst and Airbus, helping make their messages more memorable, their words more effective and their delivery more powerful. Prior to opening his own firm in 2013, Eric served as Director of Executive Communications at GE. Co-founder of the communications consulting firm the Humor Cabinet, Eric has written countless one-liners and roasts for celebrities and politicians and is known as one of Washington’s “go-to guys” for political humor. Eric also teaches speechwriting at Johns Hopkins University and American University.