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The CEO Communication Summit: Pre-Conference Workshops

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Storytelling for Leadership Communication: How to Make It Work (Workshop A)

We know that narrative is the most powerful form of communication, and thus a critical leadership tool. But we also know that effective storytelling for leaders is easier discussed than achieved. Former White House speechwriter and General Electric exec comms chief Eric Schnure will take you from intention to execution. You’ll emerge from this workshop not just knowing how to build compelling stories, but having done it with your own hands.

  • Exactly why stories resonate with audiences—and how to convince reluctant leaders that not using story isn’t only unwise, it’s management malpractice.
  • What makes a good leadership story? We’re not just spinning yarns here, we’re communicating for a purpose. How to capture and tell stories that will not only humanize your leaders, but help them lead more effectively.
  • Hollywood storytelling techniques that work for organizations and sales storytelling techniques that work in speeches.
  • The structure and elements of stories. 

Eric Schnure is an independent leadership communication strategist who most recently served as Director of Executive Communications at GE.


Turn Your Speechwriting Shop Into a Thought Leadership Launchpad (Workshop B)

In this interactive session, thought-leadership expert Pete Weissman will share the What, Why, and—and most importantly—the How of thought leadership. With Pete’s methodology and coaching, you’ll work with your peers in the room to begin creating a thought leadership plan in real time. Walk in daunted by thought leadership. Walk out with a clear understanding of what it is, the foundation for a plan, and the confidence to sell it to the boss.

You will learn:

  • Pete’s “Three Pillars of Thought Leadership” methodology
  • Where most corporate attempts fall short
  • The mindsets required for effective thought leadership
  • Why a big idea is not enough in the age of low trust
  • A simple exercise to create a thought-leading point of view
  • 5 requirements for your “MoonShot Vision”
  • Examples of thought leadership to share in your organization

Pete Weissman creates thought leadership programs for executives in the spotlight. Pete has worked in the West Wing, the U.S. Senate and for Fortune 100 CEOs.