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A few years ago veteran speechwriter Hal Gordon had an unsuccessful and absurd experience interviewing with a big global company. This firm is frequently in search of a speechwriter for its CEO, and it’s looking for a scribe again.

Institutional memory not being what it once was, a company recruiter contacted Gordon again last week asking if he would recommend other speechwriters for the job. He reminded her of his poor treatment at the company’s hands, and added:

Unfortunately for you, the speechwriting world is very small and stories like this get around very quickly. Indeed, I have already been contacted by speechwriters whom you have approached, asking me what I thought about this position. Sadly, I could in all honesty do nothing more than relate to them the same story that I have just related to you.

Still, new people are entering the profession all the time, so you may well be able to assemble a fresh crop of candidates to go through your interview process.


Hal Gordon

“Happily,” Gordon adds in an email, “I’m so close to retirement that I can afford the luxury of telling such people what I really think of them.”

Hal, on behalf of the younger set—thanks.


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