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They don't believe you

The dramatic and ongoing loss of trust in leaders over the last few years is well documented.

Employees and other audiences trust the CEO of your organization less than they trust their randomly assigned cube mate at work, their neighbor at home or their Facebook friends.

Speechwriters and executive communication professionals should be reacting with alarm, but many aren’t reacting at all.

Why? Because they don’t know how.

Leadership communication expert Jill Vitiello offers four wise and workable suggestions, in the Professional Speechwriters Association’s latest “Thinking Out Loud” white paper, “The Trust Deficit: What Speechwriters Need to Know Now.”

You’ll digest the latest data and then learn what to do about it: “curb your enthusiasm,” “showcase subject matter experts,” “rally around the noble cause,” and create an “ambassador program” to help leaders help employees and other constituencies lead one another in the right direction.

Download “The Trust Deficit: What Speechwriters Need to Know Now” for free.




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