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"How to Write a Great Commencement Speech (and Why You Must)"

For commencement speakers and their speechwriters, there's a big gap between the initial flattery of the invitation and the building dread of delivery on the day.

What on earth are we going to say?

Aaron Hoover loves to write commencement speeches. And the Cicero Speechwriting Award-winning commencement speechwriter and director of communications at the University of Florida President's Office has written many fine, inventive ones over the years.

In the latest PSA "Thinking Out Loud" white paper, "How to Write a Great Commencement Speech (and Why You Must),” Hoover explains what must be done in a commencement speech, describes what can be done ... and shows you how it's done.

Download this whitepaper and enjoy!

It will help you embrace your next commencement speech. And the one after that, and the one after that ...