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Four holes only speechwriters can fill

Job postings courtesy of Dana Rubin of the New York Speechwriters Roundtable.

Google in Mountain View, Calif., is hiring a ‪communications manager and speechwriter‪ ‬‬to “work within the Google speechwriting team to draft speeches and presentations for Google executives; serve as primary editorial liaison to the policy and legal team, as well as certain product teams. Pitch in on other speeches as needed; develop and edit content for the Official Google Blog, and other Google product blogs and channels; and assist Google’s communications team with writing and editing projects, op-eds, statements, social copy, as needed."

‪Brocade‬ in ‪San Jose, Calif.,‬ is hiring an ‪executive communications manager to "work directly with executive-level business leaders to create corporate and business messaging for internal and external audiences including corporate announcements, executive presentations, speeches, blogs and other deliverables."‬

EMC CORPORATION in Bedford, Mass., wants to hire an executive communications writer to “collaborate with ... senior executives as communications counsel and content developer for senior executive speeches, presentations and other communications materials, including keynote addresses, video production, blogs, talking points, op-eds, and written communications to employees and external stakeholders.‬"

ICF International is looking for a speechwriter to “lead communications efforts for ICF at the Department of Energy” in Washington DC. Writer to Jennie Salehi: