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Troubled Asset Relief Program

Many Challenges Lie Ahead

Good afternoon. Thank you, Martin, for that kind introduction. I would also like to thank the Brookings Institution for hosting us today. I will provide a comprehensive update on the Treasury Department's progress in implementing the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), and then spend some time taking questions from the audience and having a discussion.

We are in an unprecedented period and market events are moving rapidly and unpredictably. We at Treasury have responded quickly to adapt to events on the ground. Throughout the crisis, we have always acted with the following critical objectives in mind: one, to stabilize financial markets and reduce systemic risk; two, to support the housing market by avoiding preventable foreclosures and supporting mortgage fi-nance; and three, to protect taxpayers. The authorities and flexibility granted to us by Congress have been essential to developing the programs necessary to meet these objectives.

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