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Crisis Communications and Your Corporate Reputation

Maintaining Reputation In These Turbulent Times

This financial crisis is unique. It's not because we're uncertain of its scope or the full potential of its impact. And it's not because we're unsure of its duration or how it might ultimately be resolved.

As communicators, most of the crises we deal with involve catastrophes or events for which we can directly influence the resolution. We can anticipate and plan response scenarios and manage the expectations of key stakeholders.

This time is different because one company alone cannot change the course or outcome of this crisis. It is a pervasive crisis of confidence characterized by mass insecurity. All that one company can do is control its own response to the crisis. Tread carefully, because your response will dictate your fate like never before.

The course ahead will be difficult. You'll be com-municating in a hostile environment, facing the cynicism

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