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Who Invented Science?

The Genesis Of Science And The Story Of Greek Imagination

Some 25 centuries ago, a Greek ship went aground on an unfamiliar and desolate shore. As the shipwrecked passengers wandered despondently on the beach, one of them-a Greek philosopher named Aristippus-sud-denly came upon some geometric diagrams drawn in the sand. "Take heart, my friends!" he shouted. "I have found the footprints of man!"

To Aristippus the drawings were proof of humanity's presence for geometry and mathematics were to him a uniquely human language. To the ancient Greeks, moreover, they were also the language of the universe. Their word for the universe, "cosmos", a word we have inherited, meant the union of two things: beauty and order. To the Greek mind, what was orderly was intrinsically beautiful, and what was beautiful was inherently orderly.

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