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Pharmaceutical Industry Critics: How Dare They?

How Dare We Not Go Forward?

In our industry today, everyone uses familiar words to describe what we do: Innovation, progress, technology, value, science, partnership, solutions, jobs and so many more.

But to resonate, these words must do more than just describe-they must tell our story.

One way we are bringing this narrative to life is through video libraries at PhRMA's website and Facebook page, containing some of the amazing stories to which we in the biopharmaceutical research industry must always return.

They include explanations of how medicines are developed and interviews with researchers talking about the impact and promise of their exciting work.

But most importantly there are patient stories. The stories of the men, women and children whose lives are better and whose hope for the future is strong in part because of the medicines developed by PhRMA member companies.

One story, called "A recipe for hope" belongs to Melinda Winner.

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