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"If We Are Going to Safeguard Our Second Amendment"

"time To Elect A President Who Will Defend The Rights President Obama Ignores Or Minimizes"

Chris Cox, thank you for that kind introduction.

And thanks to all of you for that warm welcome.

It's great to be with so many friends from the National Rifle Association.

This fine organization is sometimes called a single-issue group.

That's high praise when the single issue is freedom. All of you can be proud of your long and unwaveringdefense of our constitutional rights and liberties.

In 207 days, we'll do something that is really quite amazing:

Americans will choose not only a President but an entire

House of Representatives and a third of the US Senate. The entire world will be watching us.

And by around midnight on November 6th, maybe a little earlier or later, we'll know the results of millions of Americans exercising their right to vote.

In doing so, Americans will make a profound choice, a decision that is much more important than the candidates or the political parties.

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