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On the Value of Bipartisan Foreign Policy

"to Unite Our Voice At Water's Edge"

The Center for the National Interest is proud to call itself "America's Realist Voice." Now, as you know at least as well as I do, everybody in Washington believes he is a realist. We all think we are clear-eyed and rational. It's the other guy who needs to "get real."

Thankfully, CNI puts up with all those attempts by others to latch onto its label. CNI has helped protect a proud tradition in American politics and foreign policy, not just because its adds an important realist voice, butalso because it exemplifies a centuries-long legacy that asks Americans of all political and philosophical stripes to pur-sue-together-the goal of a secure nation as our number one priority.

And that's what I'd like to talk about tonight. I'd like to share with you some thoughts on the value of a bipartisan foreign policy, how the heated politics of our era have led too many, too often, to lay that tradition aside, and how we can restore that bipartisan legacy.

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