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Toward More Jobs, Less Debt, Smaller Government

A 20% Income Tax Reduction ... A 25% Corporate Tax Cut ... And A Permanent R&d Tax Credit

Thank you, David, for that kind introduction. I appreciate that warm welcome.

I want to thank Beth and her team at the Detroit Economic Club for hosting us. And I want to thank Ford Field for making room for us.

It's good to be back home in Michigan. I was born in Harper Hospital, and I grew up here. I can remember my first day at the Hampton School. There were about thirty kids in our kindergarten class. And I imagine that as they dropped us off at the Hampton School each morning, our parents were confident that our future would be brighter and even better than their own. Our parents believed in America's promise. They believed that if you built a good home and taught your kids the right values, if you made sure your kids got an education and were willing to work hard, that your child's future would be prosperous and secure.

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