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"Whether to Create the Conditions for Growth andProsperity, or to Risk Long-Term Economic Decline"

"in Every Decision-or Failure To Decide-we Are Choosing Our Future Right Now"

Thank you Professor Schwab for that kind greeting. Professor, you have made the World Economic Forum an indispensable part of the global conversation among leaders in politics, business, and civil society.

And in the face of continuing global economic instability, the opportunity this gathering provides is now more valuable than ever.

So I know everyone here joins me in thanking you for, in service of the common good, your vision and your leadership!

My greetings to Ambassador Santi, to the governor of the Bank of Canada, known internationally as chair of the Financial Stability Board, Mark Carney, to our hard-working minister of international trade, Ed Fast, and to the best finance minister on the planet, Jim Flaherty.

And let me just say that I'm especially proud to see so many outstanding Canadian business leaders making their presence felt here in Davos.

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