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"Corporate Responsibility Is Unsustainable"

Exaggerated Csr Agendas "exchange The Invisible Hand For The Dead Hand"

Mr. President, It's a pleasure to be here at the Cambridge Union. I'd like to thank Calum very much for the invitation.

My initial fear when we took up this side of the debate was that we are being asked to defend the indefensible.

An American once said of the robber barons, when they're talking they're lying, and when they're silent, they're stealing.

We want to argue this evening that such a view of big business is just not accurate.

Ethical behaviour is not guaranteed by regulation; ethical behaviour is what gives a good company its strength and purpose.

And it has to come from within an organisation, not without.

Successful capitalism is about co-operation not coercion. To succeed, to really succeed, a business needs to be built on trust. Sustainability is the capacity to ensure that trust endures.

Tonight's debate is being organised with the help of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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