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I Say Enthymeme Till They Scream

"we Don't Study Speech To Change Our Lives, But Our Lives Are Changed Nonetheless"

Thank you Mrs. Hobgood for that too-kind introduction. This morning, I did what any speaker should do: I made an appointment with Mrs. Hobgood at the Speech Center. And the first thing I did was exactly what a client should not do: I said "I don't want to give the

speech; I just want to talk about it." Apparently, Mrs. Hobgood had heard that one before, because she did that thing she does with her eyes, and got me up at the podium. So, in this speech, as in so much of life, the good parts can be attributed to Mrs. Hobgood. The faults, of

course, are my own.

On the wall of Mrs. Hobgood's office is a postcard from Athens that reads "Greetings from the World's first Speech Center." It's a clever line, if I do say so myself, but it is wrong. Although speech instruction flowered in Athens, it actually had its origins in Sicily, where it came just after the invention of the world's first argument.

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