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Why Employees Are Asking Their Companiesto Move Out of California

Today's Unfortunate Advice For Californians: "go East, Young Man"

Here we are in California! Is this still a great place to be? Well, maybe not anymore. A famous American newspaper editor, Horace Greeley,

popularized the phrase "Go West, young man," and throughout history Americans have done exactly that. It's still true today. Before getting into the state's business

losses, I must acknowledge some positives-some companies still move or expand here. It's understandable because it's a beautiful state where people want to live. Recent moves to California include:

* 2C Tech, an ophthalmology start-up, has moved to Irvine from Colorado.

* Drake Controls LLC will move jobs from Houston and consolidate them in an existing Buena Park facility.

And California still has international appeal.

* Nokia may create an "executive headquarters" in Silicon Valley, which means they'd leave support jobs and back offices in Finland.

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