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The American Economy: Where Do We Go from Here?

"as Long As We're Worried About The Future, The Future Will Be Better?"

It's a pleasure to be here at EPI this morning. For 25 years, your distinctive and important voice has helped underscore in our national debate the central importance of economic policies that support a growing, striving, proud American middle class.

It is by what happens to the middle class that our economic policies have to be judged.

Success for the middle class means:

* A better life for our citizens

* Upholding the 250 year American tradition of children whose lives are better than their parents'

* And central to America's continuation as a role model for the world.

I want to say a brief word about what we have done over the past two years to strengthen the economic position of the middle class, and then turn to what I see as the great challenges that we face in the years ahead if the American economy is to work for all our people.

Looking Back

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