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The Surge of Ideas

The Changes We Made In Our Army

Good evening to you all. Thanks for that warm welcome. And thanks, Arthur, for that very kind introduction. Earlier today, as I was talking with my wife about to-night's speech, she reminded me of a story about a young school boy's report on Julius Caesar. "Julius Caesar was born a long time ago," the little boy explained. "He was a great general. He won some important battles. He made a long speech. They killed him..." I'll try to avoid Caesar's fate. But this is the Irving Kristol lecture--and I do need to say something meaningful.

Well, needless to say, it's an enormous honor to be with you this evening especially given the many distinguished guests here this evening--Vice President Cheney, Governor Allen, Members of Congress, Ambassadors, serving and former cabinet officials, and many, many others-including a number of wounded warriors as well.

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