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MICHAEL STEELE 303The Kind of Immigration Reform Americans Want

"an Immigration Process That Is Rational And User-friendly"

Happy Cinco de Mayo! There's nothing more unifying for Mexico and the USA than a holiday that commemorates the defeat of France. That's what I call cross-border relations.

Ronald Reagan got it right when he said, god must have placed this land here between the oceans to be found by a certain kind of people: "that whatever corner of the world they came from, they had the courage-and the desire for freedom that went with it-to uproot themselves and come to this strange land."

Like so many immigrants, Hispanic-Americans and Latinos have endured danger and hardship and sacrifice, many risking it all for a chance at the American dream. All of us are here today because we want to help unleash that dream. The first step, of course, to living the American dream is to be an American. That requires an immigration process that is rational and user-friendly.

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