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Trust Deficit: A Challenge We Must Face Even AfterEconomy Grows Strong

"we Can Rebuild Trust And Revitalize Our Institutions"

Today, in America, we have a crisis of confidence. The crisis is marked by a general erosion of trust in almost every significant institution and in the quality of leadership in both business and government. And, this lack of trust-exemplified by outrage over bank bonuses, Tea Party political protests, and even questions about the President's placed of birth-is shared widely in every part of the country, among every social and ethnic group, and across the income spectrum.

Americans see Wall Street as a closed cabal marked by runaway greed; they doubt that banks are either fair or honest; they believe insurance companies will risk their customers' health to secure profits; they watch businesses sabotage brand integrity for short-term gains; and they think political leaders lack the backbone to stand up to lobbyists or special interests.

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