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To end the drop-out crisis

Carving Out Our Children's Potential

Let me begin by acknowledging some of the extraordinary people who are working on this extraordinary project. First of all, I want everybody to know, in case you haven't already met him, somebody who is working tirelessly on behalf of the young people of America, my Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan.

I want to acknowledge Marguerite Kondracke, the CEO of America's Promise, who is going to be implementing so much of the terrific work that's been discussed today. Marguerite-there she is, right there.

I want to thank Tom Donohue for your hospitality in this extraordinary venue; thank you very much and thanks for the Chamber's support for this terrific effort. I want to acknowledge Margaret Spellings, Arne's predecessor, who helped to lead a lot of the improvement that's been taking place and we're building on.

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