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Cars: Enriching Our Lives, Our Economy and Our Future

"cleaner Air, A Healing Planet And Friendly Futuristic Cars"

Thank you ... .and good evening everyone. Let's imagine for a moment that a very strange thing happens tonight.

While we're fast asleep ... all the cars on earth completely disappear.

Unaware, you come out in the morning to get in your car and it's gone ... there's nothing there ... and no sign that it ever existed.

And you're not alone. Your neighbors experience the same thing ... and you find out from the news that the same thing has happened to every car and truck ... all over the world.

What would you do? ...

How would you get to work? ...

How would you get the kids to school? ...

How would you go grocery shopping ... or get rushed to the hospital ... ?

Suddenly ... the American Way of life you enjoy ... is completely gone.

And what if there was no quick solution?

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