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Globalization 4.0 and the New Logistics

"the Gravity Of Trade Has Shifted"

Today, I'd like to discuss a new phase of global trade and advancements in logistics that are helping to open opportunities for exports and growth around the world. I call this trend Globalization 4.0.

Let me give you some context. Global trade dates back to ancient times. And you could define Globalization 1.0 as the long era of trans-Atlantic trade that started in the late 19th Century and continued through the Cold War.

Then, the Berlin Wall fell, and markets opened in the old Communist bloc. The emergence of new technologies such as the Internet and mobile phones also boosted global commerce during this decade of growth-an era that also saw new trade agreements and falling tariffs around the world. This time during much of the 1990s was globalization 2.0.

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