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Toward Efficiency in Treatment and Preventionand New Prevention Tools

We Can Start Writing The Story Of The End Of Aids

It's an honor to speak with all of you today. As you saw in the video, the world has made amazing progress in the fight against HIV. Yet we also have to recognize that these are tough times for all of us who are passionate about this cause. Economic turbulence has driven up government deficits, and some countries have responded by freezing or even reducing their investments in global health.

This is a challenge we all face. But it does not need to define our time. I am here today because, when it comes to the fight against AIDS, I am still an optimist.

The past 10 years are a time of remarkable progress. Today more than 5 million people are receiving antiretroviral treatment, up from fewer than half a million just six years ago. Since 2001, the rate of new HIV infections has fallen 17 percent.

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