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"On a Pilgrimage of Peace"

"no More Hiroshimas. No More Nagasakis. Never Again."

Ihave come to Hiroshima on a pilgrimage for peace. Every world leader should join us along this path. Disarmament is among the most important, most noble,

goals of the United Nations.

And I would like to say, as well, that it is a goal to which I have devoted much of my life.

We are neighbors, Korea and Japan. We, too, know what it is to live under the nuclear shadow.

That is why I feel especially honored to be the first United Nations Secretary-General to join you here for the Peace Memorial Ceremony.

Hiroshima is a city of legend ... both ancient and modern, a symbol as well as an inspiration.

It is one thing to read and hear your history from afar, another see it, to experience it, to share in it with you.

You, the people of Hiroshima, know better than most the darkness of war.

You also know, better than most, the light of hope, the unquenchable spirit of humankind at its finest.

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