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Healthcare Reform

Getting It Right

Thank you. It's great being with you today. And I'm especially glad to be up here with my good friend, Dick Clark.

During Dick's tenure, we redoubled our industry's efforts to listen to our stakeholders.

We've gone a long way in remedying the "trust deficit," defining more transparent ways for us to interact with physicians and clarifying our views on the appropriate use of direct to consumer advertising.

Thank you Dick for your leadership.

And a special thanks to Billy Tauzin. As president of PhRMA, Billy has done a lot to make PhRMA a better and more effective organization.

Let's give them both a well-deserved round of applause.

As PhRMA's new chairman, I'm looking forward to working closely with Billy and the PhRMA team, and with Dick, my board colleagues, the membership and partners as we meet the challenges and the opportunities presented to us.

But today there's a crisis going on.

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