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Preserving the Land Grant Act in the Era of theModern Research University

Every Child Deserves An Education

Thank you, Bob. Today I want to talk to you about the legacy of the land grant act and the threats it currently faces.

Yesterday morning I sat with my grandchildren listening to Copeland's Lincoln Portrait. My earliest memory of that piece is listening to it on the Mall in DC and hearing Adlai Stevenson recite the wonderful words. As I prepared for today the words which struck me the most is that "the occasion is piled high with difficulty."

But I would also add that the occasion is rife with opportunity.

The reason that Illinois is such a great institution is its people and its broad offerings; its palette of arts and culture, science and technology-Krannert to NSCA, if you will.

But today I want to lean more on the research and tech transfer mission of this land grant university and I want to do so with President Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, AKA the Stimulus Plan, as a backdrop.

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