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The Future of the U.S. ICBM

Until There Is Complete Peace We Must Maintain A Nuclear Arsenal

Iwant to thank the conference organizers for giving me this opportunity to discuss the future of our nation's ICBM force. This is a critical issue. Yet it is one little debated here in Washington, or even well understood.

Very few Americans appreciate the progress that has been made in arms control. Few know that our ICBM force has been reduced to the levels of the Eisenhower Administration.

In the relaxed environment after the end of the Cold War, it was only natural, I suppose, that policy-makers would turn their attention away from strategic issues. Over the years, the ICBM program became theleast fashionable element of this suddenly unfashionable subject.

Now, as a new administration begins to work through the next iteration of the Nuclear Posture Review, the ICBM force is sure to come under renewed scrutiny. I can expect that the authors of the Nuclear Posture Review will consider four options when it comes to ICBMs:

Retire them -

Reduce them -

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