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Re-Regulating Wall Street

The Failure Of Obamanomics

What is wrong with Barack Obama? Seriously.

He has been president for eight whole weeks,and none of the problems he inherited are fixed yet.

The stock market is still low.

The economy is still in trouble.

The earth is still too warm.

The Arabs and the Jews still don't like each other.

And the French are still hard to get along with.

It reminds me of a 1950s Kingston Trio song thatgoes something like this:

There is rioting in Africa,

There's strife in Iran

There are hurricanes in Florida,

And Texas needs rain

Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch.

And I don't like anybody very much!"

In today's context what that song says to me is thatsome problems take longer than eight whole weeks to

solve, and some people are never going to like you no matter what you do-so don't worry about it.

3 The Role of BLCBE

Today's talk is called re-regulating wall street.

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