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A New Convert's Views on Early Childhood Education

Getting Children To Read To Participate In A Global Economy

Thanks for that introduction.

Earlier this year, I was approached by the Metropolitan Atlanta United Way to lead a new commission on early childhood education. My co-chair is Beverly Tatum, president of Spelman College. Although I have been an educator, I am not an expert on education and certainly not on early education. I have been working my way up the proverbial learning curve and have reached the point this morning of demonstrating the zealotry of a recent convert.

Since accepting our call to lead the Atlanta commission, Beverly and I have been immersed in the literature of the field and have made visits to placeswe believe are leaders in the field. Speaking for myself only, I have formed some preliminary views on the case for investment in early (pre-kindergarten) education. I believe that case is compelling-a "no-brainer." If there is debate, I believe it appropriately concerns implementation-the practical details.

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