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Inseparably Bound

The Future Of Space Travel

Iwould like to thank the Co-Chairs of the House Aerospace Caucus ? Congressman Dicks and Congressman Weldon for hosting this forum, and I commend Marion Blakey and the Aerospace Industries Association for their leadership on this most critical issue.

It's fitting that we meet today in the Rayburn House Office Building. Sam Rayburn was a man who understood the need for leadership when it came to the big issues. In a time when most people never traveled more than a few miles from home, he championed the construction of America's Route 66 in order, he said, "to connect the frost belt with the sun belt."

We'll need Mr. Rayburn's "can do attitude" to tackle one of the most critical issues of our times: global climate change. I'd like to speak today about how the aerospace industry can be part of the process, taking the lead in building a comprehensive climate monitoring system. Taking the lead in developing solutions for a secure world.

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