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A Time for Change

Television Programming In The 21st Century

It's a pleasure to be here with you this morning and have this opportunity to share some thoughts on our industry. As Roma said, I've been in my current role for almost exactly a year now. And what a year it has been! Such a quiet time, you know ... nothing really going on ... no big issues, no real changes ... I tell my team every day: "Just stay the course"...

I wish ...

Truth is, as everyone here knows, it's been an incredibly exciting and tumultuous twelve months, and the tumult is likely to continue.

And I'm not just referring to the writer's strike. That unfortunate work stoppage, which we all hope will end soon, is only the most visible sign of disruption. Almost everywhere you turn, traditional business models in Hollywood are under pressure. And their replacements are not necessarily ready for prime time.

We are dealing with that in every part of our business. But it is especially true in our broadcast television business.

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