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The High Cost of Our Failing Infrastructure

What We Can Do About It?

Thank you very much for that wonderful, warm introduction. And to the morning panelists, I sat in on the tail end of your discussion and I made notes. I think I know about one-third of the folks here today, including Congressman Dick Gephardt, my dear friend, the greatest speaker who didn't become Speaker of the House of Representatives.

He would have put infrastructure on the presidential table had he been elected in '88, as he should have been. I went to Berlin, New Hampshire campaigning for Dick Gephardt. He sent me up there because I could speak French. And all the folks gathered around. There are abouta handful of them who could speak French, and so I did some good up there in Berlin for my friend. But Dick is really a very special person-a treasured friend of mine, and I'm grateful that you're participating here today in this important Conference.

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