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Fairness and Economic Equality

Government That Is Big Enough

Thank you, Brother Liguori, for those kind words ... for inviting me to be with you today ... for continuing to lead this Institution with such foresight ... and for bringing so many important presenters together ... to focus on the concerns we all share.

So many have taken their valuable time to join us, and I want to thank all of them ... Jim Oberstar ... Harold Ford ... Admiral Larrabee ... Dick Gephardt ....Governor Pataki ... John Engler ... Peter Ruane ... Janette Sadik-Khan, who is doing such a wonderful job for my hometown ... so many others ... and, of course, Susan Eisenhower.

I'm so glad you started off this morning with Susan's presentation ... I wasn't here, but it was so appropriate that she was the keynoter ... the granddaughter of our beloved President, the father of the modern highway system that changed our nation so dramatically ... his vision still puts the lie to the distorted notion that government should have no role beyond the common defense.

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