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Armed Forces Infrastructure

My Grandfather's Legacy

It is an honor to be here at Iona College to discuss one of the most important issues facing this country. Since my background has been largely in foreign policy and security issues, I'm also happy to be able to talk about American infrastructure, which is, after all, a very, very big domestic and international issue. My grandfather, Dwight D. Eisenhower, believed that national security is comprised of much more than simply the capabilities of our military forces. He also thought that the economic health of the country and its moral authority were integral aspects of our nation's security. For that reason I think he would really like the idea that Iona College is focusing on a critical issue, such as the nation's crumbling infrastructure. In addition of his other accomplishments, President Eisenhower was also a university president and felt very strongly about the importance of knowledge and education in preparing people to be good citizens.

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