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Stopping Iran's Nuclear Program

A Cuban Missile Crisis Every Week

For a decade I have been trying to get America to adopt a serious policy toward Iran. When Madeleine Albright opened our markets to Iranian goods-not oil, but only the stuff we do not need and the stuff they could not sell anywhere else-I went down to the House floor and said, "There is blood in the caviar." Today, those same Iranian goods have access to our markets, and Americans buy that bloody caviar and $150 million worth of other goods imported from Iran annually.

If the nation wants to affect world affairs, it must prioritize. If you try to do everything, you will accomplish little of importance. The number one priority of the United States' foreign policy should be to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

3 The Iranian Bomb: A Cuban Missile Crisis Every Week

An Iranian nuclear bomb means the end of the Nonproliferation Regime. In the Middle East alone, there could be half a dozen new nuclear states within a decade.

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