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Research and Development for Drug Companies

Getting On Board To Make The World A Better Place

The rise of personalized medicine is one of the most important developments in health care today ... and you've brought together the right mix of sponsors and experts from academic medicine, business, and patient care settings.

Of course I'm pleased that you saw fit to include someone from a major pharmaceutical company as well. Personalized medicine will change health care almost across the board ... but nowhere, I would argue, are the cross-currents of change more powerful-or the stakes higher-than in the development, manufacture, and sale of prescription medicines. In my industry, we would be powerless to resist personalized medicine-not to say foolish.

For that reason, we at Lilly remain mystified by the skepticism that persists around the questions: "Are the drug companies really on board with personalized medicine? And will their business models accommodate products more finely targeted to patient groups within a disease category?"

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