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Not the Usual Suspects

New Challenges For Financial Executives

Thank you, Chris, it's always great to be introduced by a Deloitte alum- And I appreciate the opportunity to be with all of you this afternoon.

Financial Executives International and Deloitte share an important goal. Over the years, we have worked together to find ways to communicate important thought leadership to senior financial executives.

Whether it's through a panel discussion or professional development-research, or a keynote address-Deloitte greatly values its relationship with FEI. We are delighted to share perspectives that FEI members can reflect upon- and we are pleased to provide knowledge that FEI members can use. It's a tradition that I'm proud to uphold today as we enter the home stretch of this year's Summit.

I must admit-I was intrigued to appear before you as one of three keynote speakers advertised as "not the usual suspects."

I certainly qualify.

For one, I have spent my entire career at one organiza-tion-Deloitte.

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