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RALPH W. SHRADER 201Solid Connections in a Liquid World

Perspectives On Leadership, Logistics, And Linkages In The 21st Century

In the summary of my background that Gordon just shared, you probably noticed that it was pretty short on logistics experience. You're the logistics experts, and I don't want to pretend that I can add to your knowledge of your field.

However, all of you here are leaders as well as logistics experts-and I do have some perspectives on leadership today that I believe relate to the challenges you face in both the managerial and technical aspects of your profession.

Although it's not listed in my biography, my very first job-actually my first several jobs-were in the logistics field. And it gave me an appreciation early on for some of the challenges and rewards of getting people and goods from point A to point B. I was 18 and working in Jacksonville, Florida, as a customer service agent for Greyhound Bus Lines. So, being invited to speak at a logistics conference in my native state of Florida really does feel like "coming home."

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