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The Next Small Thing

An Update On The Biomedical Revolution

Thank you, Dean Lewis. I'm delighted to be here, and I regard this visit as an important opportunity to share ideas.

Florida is a key state in America's health care map, largely because it's such a desirable retirement destination. In a sense, it's a laboratory for the future of health care. It's a place where the rest of the country can get a glimpse of what it takes to meet the challenges of an aging population. So everyone involved in the health care industry really needs to stay in touch with what's happening here.

And, turning that around, I have to believe that Floridians have a keen interest in what sort of new answers- new solutions-might be forthcoming from companies like mine.

In any case, you honor me with your invitation. For my part, I want to give you a progress report on the advances in the life sciences now unfolding at Lilly ... and at labs all over the world.

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