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Problems With The Republican Party

Hi, good afternoon. It's a pleasure being here today. I'm just beginning a book tour and this is my second or third stop depending on how you count it. I made a couple brief stops in Washington last week, my hometown, and was in Austin over the weekend at a wonderful book fair, the Texas Book Festival, where there were dozens of terrific authors, novelists, nonfiction writers and had a chance there to talk about my book as well on a panel. Texas was somewhat of a natural for talking about my book because as some of you may know the scandal involves many different elements but two of them are pretty deep-seated in Texas. One is an Indian tribe in El Paso called the Tigua Indians, which was one of four tribes that Jack Abramoff, former superlobbyist in Washington, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to three felonies. The Tiguas was one of four tribes that he defrauded of millions of dollars.

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