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The Globally Integrated Enterprise

A New Model

Let me extend my own welcome to our Forum on Global Leadership. I also want to personally thank our cosponsors: Fred Bergsten, Secretary Gutierrez, Israel Hernandez and Tom Donohue. And thank you, Tim, for that great perspective and insight.

The last time I addressed a conference in Washington on American competitiveness and innovation-in this very building, in fact-was more than two years ago. I presented the findings of the National Innovation Initiative. Some of you participated in that effort to reignite American competitiveness. My co-chair was Wayne Clough, the president of Georgia Tech, and we had the generous sponsorship of the Council on Competitiveness.

The NII did in-depth studies that engaged hundreds of leaders and experts from across the country in both the public and private sectors. It framed a program of specific proposals to stimulate American innovation in three key areas: talent, infrastructure and investment.

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