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Global Transportation

Keeping Up With The Expanding Global Commerce

Thank you, and good afternoon, everyone. It's a real honor to be here with you today. Like some of you, I'm a late-night C-SPAN viewer. . and I can't remember how many times I've tuned into provocative speeches here at the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.

As much as I've enjoyed those broadcasts . . being here in person is much better.

It's also especially rewarding to be in Philadelphia in this. . the 300th anniversary year. . of Benjamin Franklin's birth.

Your city's greatest son has much bearing on my discussion today.

As the nation's first Postmaster General-and as one of our first foreign diplomats-Franklin planted the seeds for America's over-land commerce and over-seas trade infrastructure.

Franklin reminded us 250 year ago that "no nation has ever been ruined by trade."

His thoughts on this subject have never been more important.

Over the past few years, I've probably given a hundred speeches on the merits of globalization.

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