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The Moral Basis of Competitiveness

Looking For The Light In The Vexing Healthcare Industry

Thank you, Julie [Gerberding, director of the CDC], for that warm introduction. It's a personal and pro fessional delight to see you again. You and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pursue your vital mission with passion and vision, and we're all deeply in your debt.

It's great to be back in Atlanta. It's amazing how this city changes. Now you're home to the world's busiest airport and the world's largest aquarium, so you have world-class claim to the air and the sea.

But you've got the land covered, too - although that's not as well-known.

Off Clifton Road, tucked away at Emory - in fact, about a quarter-mile from your office, Julie - is a monument to terra firma in the grandest sense. It's a big stone marker called "The Gravity Monument," with these words carved on its face: "This is to remind students of the blessings forthcoming when science determines what gravity is, how it works, and how it may be controlled."

You have to love it.

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