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The Next Wave Of The Internet Revolution

Good afternoon, everybody. It's a thrill to be here in Las Vegas at Telecom NEXT. It's especially exciting to kick things off alongside our good friends Bob Iger, Glenn Britt, Norio Wada, and Dick Wolf of Law and Order fame.

The scope of that list - Disney, Time Warner Cable, NTT - speaks volumes about the amazing reach and diversity of our industry. It's a far cry from 15 years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, cell phones looked like shoeboxes ... and I was the head of USTA. It was a real honor to serve as chairman of this organization, but I have to say, things were a little different in 1991. Back then, we were still debating whether to let long distance providers and cable companies into our industry. In fact, as I recall, our biggest issue back then was whether to take the "I" out of "USITA."

The sad thing is, I really thought that was important. I guess it's a good thing the chairman only gets a one-year term.

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