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Standing Together Against Common Enemies

Thank you. It is a privilege to be here tonight and to address the University Philosophical Society, or 'the Phil,' as I believe I am supposed to call it. The Society was founded in 1684, so that makes this its 320th year in operation, and I guess it proves the old adage about seeing everything if you live long enough. Before my arrival here the Irish Examiner newspaper ran a story with the headline 'Former White House hopeful to address students,' reminding me that I 'ran a spirited but ultimately unsuccessful campaign' in 2000. It then went on to list some of the illustrious guests of years past, including the voice of Bart Simpson.

I also received a press inquiry asking how I felt about speaking here this year, when adult film star Ron Jeremy was also on the term card. Despite my reputation for candor, I declined to comment. But I guess after 320 years, you really can see everyone and everything here.

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