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Candor, Courage and Common Sense

A Personal And Professional Guide To Risk-taking In The 21st Century

Thank you, Andrea (Teichman). Thanks also to the members of the board of directors, the advisory board and to all the members of The Boston Club for your invitation. In light of the caliber of your past speakers, I am honored to be here.

As you might imagine, I've been a frequent visitor in Boston. I've been looking forward to this occasion and the chance to be with and get to know many of you. I'vealso enjoyed getting to know your city more deeply on a personal and professional basis. As a big believer that we are obliged to learn from our past, Boston provides endless lessons and inspiration. All of this has deepened my understanding of why Bostonians are so passionate about their city ... not to mention your most recent accomplishment in the World Series. I was reared by a long-suffering Red Sox fan and have some of that in my own DNA,

so I congratulate you on your victory.

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