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Hurricanes And The Best Job You'll Ever Have

It's great to be here with you and an honor to be a part of such an important conference. On a personal level ... I appreciate your inviting a Tar Heel to be on your podium.

More important, as a representative of Bank of America, we value our long relationship with North Carolina State and its sister schools across the university system.

When Dean Weiss' predecessor, Dean Jon Bartley, and Mark Beasley presented the idea for the Enterprise Risk Management Initiative, we knew it was a good charitable investment. It's clear the College of Management "gets it" when it comes to understanding the importance of managing risks - and rewards - in the broadest sense.

We don't intend to be passive investors. We believe in accountability. So, we look forward to working with you to produce results ... so that more businesses ... more business leaders ... and more promising business students ... get better at managing all kinds of risks.

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