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Wrestling the Octopus

Transforming The Healthcare System

One of the most important challenges facing our nation is fixing our broken health-care system. It's "a perfect storm," with the convergence of three dangerous trends: rising costs, increasing numbers of Americans without insurance coverage and poor quality of health care delivery. The system is beyond minor repair; we need fundamental reform.

We might compare fixing our health-care system to wrestling an octopus: Two arms are hugging you, two arms are trying to strangle you, and God knows what the other four arms are doing. Every time you think you're making headway, another arm reaches out and grabs you and pulls you back.

This octopus that is the American health-care system seems at times to have us by the arms, legs, and throat...and the pocketbook. One reason that it seems to be an octopus rather than a Clydesdale, steadily pulling the wagon along, is that the system is not really a system at all, as many of you know so well.

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